We're alby 😊

We are a team of engineers, scientists, designers, and business people based (mostly) in New York City and Austin, Texas.
We are building an AI platform to empower every ecommerce company to answer every shopper question about their products, in real time.


To use AI to answer every shopper question

People buy products all the time. It might be buying a new ski, picking out an outfit, getting new things for your kitchen, picking the right stroller for your child, or just about any other thing we buy. People are often full of anxiety and questions when making the purchasing choices that matter.

Our goal is to use AI to give people peace of mind, and make these choices easier.

Core Values

Who we are

We know what we are here to do

We don’t pretend we are saving the world. Our aspirations are simple: we want to build an amazing product we are proud of, within a financially successful business, and do it with smart good people. That’s it.

We have a strong team spirit

We listen well, we collaborate, we respect each other. We have strong opinions weakly held. We focus on the success of the overall team.

We win when our
brands win

We get deep satisfaction from helping our customers succeed and thrive.

We are obsessed with making a product shoppers love

We do the right thing for the shopper; in the end it is the best thing for our customers. Our AI is focused on honesty, and accuracy, not being the best snake oil sales person.

We get it done

We think about problems end-to-end. We are owners. We care a ton. When we see problems we proactively solve them.


Meet the crew


Head of AI

Daniel Stekol

ML Scientist

Eleni Abendschein

Customer Success

Hailey Badovinac

Product Designer

Jason Deng

Software Engineer

Kenny Teng

Co-Founder & CTO

Matt Limeri

Head of Growth

Max Bennett

Co-Founder & CEO

Ryan Brock

Product Designer

Sung Kim

Software Engineer

Thai Huynh

Software Engineer

Thiago Salvatore

Software Engineer
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