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Alby transforms your data into an AI product expert for your employees and your customers.
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Answer every customer question, 24/7

Alby can answer complex questions about your products, discounts, returns, and shipping policies.

Prevent abandonment without giving discounts

Proactively reach out to customers when they get stuck to help understand and guide them to what they are looking for.

Ensure quality by keeping humans in control

Transfer to human sales and support team members when needed. Tune Alby using feedback from your customers and internal product experts.

Never worry about privacy, security, or legal requirements of LLMs.

Alby ensures compliance with relevant AI regulations, and fully obfuscates any personally identifiable information to ensure complete privacy of your and your customers data. Built with enterprise-grade security at its foundation.

increase conversion rates
Lift in conversion rates when shoppers interact with chat assistants with human-level intelligence.
increase average order values
Lift in average order values when interacting with chat assistants with human-level intelligence
Reduce returns
Of returns are caused by customers not having the right information at the time of purchase.
Ecommerce is about to change, take part in shaping its future.
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